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voip-phone-systemsSeven Ways to Save with VoIP

Conventional phone systems have always been equipment and labor intensive because every line required dedicated connections to a piece of communications equipment and a specialized telephone for every user. Instead of continuing to maintain traditional phone systems VoIP can save money in seven distinct ways. This innovative technology relies on the existing computer equipment on the desktop to complete phone calls over the internet to any destination on the globe. Businesses everywhere are discovering the immediate savings of switching to California VoIP phone systems.

1. Eliminate toll charges – Since IP telephony is designed to route a call through a method called “least-cost routing,” toll charges are avoided. Actual toll telephone costs might not be the most persuasive savings point unless the business is not large enough to qualify for substantial discounts from the long distance provider.

2. Lower management costs – Office moves, expansions and reconfiguration efforts are much more expensive when the conventional phone system must be changed to meet the new requirements. Instead of updating old phone systems VoIP removes the need to update the phone configuration because the computer network will support the new business location.

3. Reduced labor costs – On-staff support is no longer necessary when one of the best California VoIP phone systems is implemented. After the installation of the VoIP technology, maintenance of the system is performed by the users and not by the IT staff. Fewer specialists on staff will have a significant impact on the profit margin.

4. Simple profile updates – Each user is provided with the access to update their own profile, which includes their virtual location, so they are always reachable during business hours without impact on customers.

5. Quick additions and changes – MACs are handled quickly and easily from anywhere on the computer network. Since these changes are performed through a user-friendly screen, the addition of new users takes only minutes.

6. Reduced hardware requirements – Since the computer network and the telephone network are merged into one communication system, phone equipment is no longer necessary. Updates to the phone system are eliminated from the budget and the work processes are moved to the IP telephony.

7. Consolidated circuits – Choose an Orange County VoIP phone system provider who can demonstrate which equipment will be eliminated so that fewer circuits are needed from the PSTN. Consolidating communication circuits saves connectivity charges because the data and voice networks have been combined.

Saving money is essential in an economy that is struggling to recover, but businesses have discovered many advantages to seeking the services of an Orange County VoIP phone system provider for all of their voice communication needs. For excellent service and updated communication technology, consider updating your systems to VoIP and watch the savings accumulate.