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Fiber Optics Orange County

fiber-optics-orange-countyFiber optics revolutionized the Orange County telephone system because enormous trenches of copper wire were replaced with fiber optic cables just a few inches in diameter. The use of fiber optics has supported technological advances in every sector of the economy. These reliable and affordable networks will last for decades without intervention or maintenance because of their use of light signals that pass through glass strands that are thinner than a human hair. When devices at either end are upgraded, the Orange County fiber optic cabling network is able to support the large amounts of information that will be passed over the fiber.

1. Digital signals – Computers, televisions and medical equipment all use digital signals to transmit information. Orange County fiber cabling transmits using digital signals so there is no need for translation to the device that is being used to communicate.

2. Low power requirements – Transmitting light signals over the Orange County fiber optic cabling requires very little power. Using less power makes every communication system efficient and safe in any setting where people access the internet or voice network.

3. Signal integrity – Large amounts of data are carried over the Orange County fiber cabling without loss of the meaning of the signal. When rapid transfer of information is essential to business success, fiber optics are unmatched for signal integrity. Where interference is created by external devices, the signal is not affected by static that can travel through the air.

Businesses all over Orange County have embraced fiber optic technology for all of their communication needs. The ability of the fiber optic network to support data and voice simultaneously decreases cost and adds functionality to business communications. Telephone and computer equipment updates are unaffected by the capacity of the fiber optic network, so companies of all sizes are able to embrace the most advanced technologies without expensive network upgrades.

Fiber Optic Considerations

Fiber optics are a high powered upgrade to the existing communications infrastructure present in the country. Fiber connections operate using signals of light rather than electricity, and replace the bulky and slow copper wiring that has been present for nearly half a century. Fiber optics are an excellent upgrade for businesses and consumers alike.

How Fiber Optics Increases Productivity

Fiber optics are fast. Because fiber communications use light, the information it transmits travels at the speed of light. The speed limitations on a fiber optic line lie in the computer systems at either end. This high speed communication method puts any copper wired broadband to shame.

The speed of a fiber optics connection results in increased efficiency for any system that uses it. Every telecommunications network, whether it’s an in-house intranet or a connection to the world wide web, has some degree of lag. Fiber ensures that any lag is the minimum it can be. This means there’s less time wasted waiting for communications, and more productivity. No more waiting for signals to travel, no more waiting for web pages to load, and no more clunky infrastructure limiting the work that can be done.

Considerations When Hiring a Fiber Optics Installer

When you’re running a business or are otherwise in charge of large purchases, one of the biggest thoughts on your mind is price. You want to get a good price for your fiber optics installation, just as you would want a good price on a company vehicle, shipping services, or network hardware. However, price isn’t always the only consideration.

Because fiber optics are a relatively new technology, special training is necessary to properly install it. When you’re selecting the professional who will be installing your fiber connection, you need to ask what experience they have. More experienced technicians will have a greater degree of knowledge, and will decrease the risk of a faulty line or installation. This leads to a greater reliability in your connection.

Another question you might ask of your fiber installer is what sort of warranties are available. Fiber optics is a durable and high speed option for communications infrastructure, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to break. There’s always the risk of something going wrong, and it’s better to have your system under warranty rather than have to pay for any repairs out of pocket. Thankfully, a dedicated fiber optics technician will likely have warranty paperwork on hand when the installation is ordered.

When it comes to telecommunications, any business should strive for the best. Fiber optics are the communications infrastructure of the future, and it is the best technology available. High speed and reliability increase your productivity directly — it’s impossible to pass up.